Could you survive five days on these rations? Photo: Supplied
If Families Minister Jenny Macklin ever wanted to attempt to live on $35 a day, she would find it is possible to survive spending just  $2 a day on food - but only just.
That is what Australian women's cricket vice-captain Alex Blackwell did last year, when she existed for five days on $10 worth of food to raise awareness about people living in poverty.
The project, called Live Below the Line, left Blackwell feeling depressed and cursing herself for not budgeting for teabags.
Alex Blackwell survived on a $2-a-day diet.Alex Blackwell survived on a $2-a-day diet. Photo: Edwina Pickles
"I was really struggling at work, to keep up, and around time for a tea break. I had to have hot water with a slice of lemon," she said.
"I regretted buying cage eggs. Felt bad buying them but I'm not sure I would have managed without my morning omelette."
Blackwell, who is in Melbourne captaining NSW in a series of limited overs matches against Victoria this weekend, undertook the project at a time she was not in training. She raised $1600 for educational programs in Papua New Guinea. "So it was worth it," she said.
She stressed that it was at a time of no training, as the diet would have been inadequate for her regular physical demands.
What Alex Blackwell ate each day:
Omelette with coriander and onion
Pasta with pumpkin potato and carrot stew
Afternoon tea
Hot water with slice of lemon
Dahl or pumpkin potato and carrot stew with pasta

(Sydney Morning Herald)

我去年寫過一篇叫窮富翁的blog,呼籲不要扔掉食物或吃得太多,也提到Live Below The Line 籌款運動。上面的報導,講述怎樣一天花兩澳元過活。你可有想過,我們少上館子吃一餐飯,把錢捐出,幫助有需要的人,對自己的健康,對社會的和諧,好處之多, 難以言表。請在戾氣充斥的社會裡,憐貧惜苦,發揮一點正能量。